At Shikamo, we always go the extra mile to expand our footprint and develop new ideas. Our projects offer unique and innovative approaches to advancing a new brand of “competitive politics” to the African continent.


Executive Course on “How to Run an Effective Political Campaign”

As periodic elections become a norm on the African continent there is a huge premium on the skills needed to run successful political campaigns. University of Cape Town Film and Media Studies Department and Shikamo Political Campaign and Advisory Services will be hosting a first of its kind on the African Continent, an Executive Course on effective running of political campaigns. The course will target:

  1. Political party candidates
  2. Campaigning practitioners
  3. Parliament, Presidency, local government
  4. Members of civil society

The 5-day Executive Programme offered in Winter and Summer will offer courses to equip students with the relevant knowledge needed to devise, operate and execute political campaigns. Daily modules will cover the basic principles of campaign management, the influence of key country contexts, such as electoral systems on campaign methods and strategies. We will also explore project management systems and the key issues in developing an effective campaign strategy such as an operational plan, budgeting and fundraising, the deployment of candidates, party personnel and polling representatives.

Teaching staff will be drawn from leading academics drawn from reputable Universities across the world and practicing campaign practitioners.

This course is the first of its kind in Africa. To sign up for the course, fill in this form and download the course programme or send an email to info@Shakam.africa for any inquiries.

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International Political Campaign Expo – October 2023

Shikamo Political Campaign and Advisory Services (SPACS) will be hosting the first political campaign expo on the 11th of October 2023 in Cape Town. This International Political Campaign Expo is a first of its kind on the global stage. The Expo features latest technology in political campaign drawn from Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Game Theory, and latest audio-visual technology. The Expo brings together service providers and experts working in the field of political campaigns to showcase and market their work and products to potential clients and stakeholders. It is also a platform for political parties and candidates to interact with leading experts on political campaigns and communication. Political campaigning is getting more sophisticated as voters are exposed to multiple sources of information from competing interest groups. As a result, modern campaigns have become complicated, placing a greater burden on candidate and parties running for office to be innovative and creative with information dissemination strategies. The tools for appealing to and winning the hearts and minds of voters must be functional, relevant, and responsive to a shifting information environment.

Create a platform to exhibit and demonstrate the assorted services that are fundamental to the management of a successful campaign.


  1. To afford political parties and candidates access to a one-stop shop for all services on political campaigns.
  2. To allow service providers to market their products to potential clients.






8:00am – 6:00pm SAST


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