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Shikamo Political Advisory and Campaign Services (SPACS) is an advisory firm that was set up in May 2017. The firm was set up on the backdrop of the Managing Partner’s lessons from working on politics and governance on the African continent. SPACS was set up to increase the capacity of political parties, politicians and governments to improve supply and delivery of public good to their constituents.

Leveraging our continent-wide networks within various governments and political parties, Shikamo also provides advisory services tailored for corporate entities seeking investment opportunities on the continent. Drawing on the expertise of our team, Shikamo provides corporate clients with nuanced and data-driven insights on the investment terrain of the respective African countries, particularly with regard to risk assessment and mitigation. Shikamo helps its clients to understand, anticipate and navigate the context-specific legislative, policy and political environments obtaining in Africa at the national, regional and continental levels.

Dr Steve Jarding

Senior Advisor

Steve Jarding is an American lecturer in Public Policy, writer and political consultant with 37 years of experience. He has taught at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University since 2004, where his teaching has been recognized as “exemplary” by the Kennedy School alumni, and where his course on campaign management has twice been nominated for the Most Influential Course Award. His research focuses on political campaigns, political advertising and campaign management.

He is also the founding partner and CEO of the international consulting company, SJB Strategies International, which advises candidates and causes around the world. He has lectured and consulted in over 15 countries in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. Jarding has also managed and worked on numerous statewide and national campaigns in the United States, including an impressive list of winning US Senate and gubernatorial races.

Glen Mpani

Managing Partner

Glen Mpani is the founder and Managing Partner of Shikamo Political Advisory and Campaign Services. (SPACS). He is a Harvard-trained Campaign & Political Risk Advisory expert with over 18+ years of expertise running and managing political campaigns, political risk advisory, policy formulation, and building networks of key stakeholders, including governments.

Glen is highly analytic and politically astute with experience in rule of law, human rights transparency and accountability, post-conflict reconstruction, transformational politics, and democratic governance spheres. He possesses over a decade experience in management with extensive experience in programme design, monitoring & evaluation, strategy development and government policy analysis. Glen has worked at national, regional and international level for various organisations including the Open Society Foundations (OSF), National Democratic Institute (NDI) & Africa Transitional Justice Research Network (ATJRN).

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Africa University, and graduated with an Honors and a Master’s degree in Democratic Governance from the University of Cape Town. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Momar Dieng


Momar Dieng is a Mathematician, Economic & Education Policy Advisor and Elections Specialist who, until recently, served as Senior Technical and Policy Advisor in Senegal’s Ministry of Education. In that capacity, he led the multi-year technological transformation of the national education system, providing 3 million Senegalese students with access to internet and technology for an enriched and modern educational experience.

While a mathematician by training, Dieng’s primary interest is in developing multidisciplinary approaches to identify and address development challenges in his native Senegal and in sub-Saharan Africa. He regularly consults on impact evaluation, educational reform, EdTech, polling, campaign strategy, and the use of technology and quantitative methods to deter and detect electoral fraud. He delivered the 2016 Bartlett Memorial Lecture in mathematics at the University of Arizona on the topic of election forensics.

Dr. Elisabete Azevedo-Harman


Dr. Elisabete Azevedo-Harman is a lecturer on legislative and political institutions, political advisor, Portuguese speech writer and international expert on parliamentarian and institutional development and elections. She has been the Parliamentarian Expert for the United Nations Development Programme (Pro PALOP-TL), covering 6 countries: Angola, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Cabo Verde and Timor Leste.

She is also a guest lecturer at the Catholic University of Mozambique, Catholic University of Portugal and the Piajet Institut of Angola. Previous positions include Research Fellow at Chatham House (Africa Department), Deputy Head of the IEP at the Catholic University of Portugal and Development Officer at the Inter- Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Geneva.

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