Shikamo is the only African company that provides technical support to political parties and individual to win elections. Political advisory services have largely been sought from Europe and North America with Africans assisting in providing local services as support. Shikamo prides itself as services dedicated to providing services in Africa.
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Political Advisory

African politics is largely driven by ethnicity and personalities. Thus, citizens’ attitudes, lived realities and interests rarely inform political decisions. Shikamo offers political advisory services that are anchored in empirical data and insights drawn from research that is context-specific and that captures the nuanced experiences of voters on the African continent.

We exclusively avail our expertise to political parties during elections and equip our clients with evidenced-based mapping of key players and priorities to position them for a more effective electoral campaign.

Shikamo exists, as a unique solutions-oriented entity, to provide politicians and parties with expert counsel on how best to navigate political choices and crisis prior to, during and after elections.Over and above the election-focused advisory, the Shikamo team offers crisis management expertise to politicians to effectively respond to unfolding crises such as intra-party strife, coups, running for office, positioning.

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Corporate Advisory

Africa is increasingly becoming an irresistible destination choice for many corporates. Most investors in Africa rely on expertise generated from foreign professionals with little knowledge of the prevailing, and sometimes fluid, political conditions of respective countries. Shikamo’s political advisory in this regard is second to none as we leverage our continent-wide networks within government and political parties to provide corporate clients with a clear picture of the lay of the land regarding the legislative and policy environment and the prevailing politics in the country.

Shikamo is strategically positioned to provide corporates with insights on current conditions within a given country and to provide analysis of relevant past trends. Our team is available to offer expert scenario mapping to anticipate and mitigate investment-related risks. We hold your feet, ensuring your navigate the investment terrain fortified against unexpected adverse developments and equipped to identify the most favorable investment destinations.

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