Shikamo is the only African company that provides technical support to political parties and individual to win elections. Political advisory services have largely been sought from Europe and North America with Africans assisting in providing local services as support. Shikamo prides itself as services dedicated to providing services in Africa.
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You can count on the undivided attention of a solutions-oriented team of experts

Our Vision

To improve the quality of competitive politics by supporting political parties and leaders to engage citizens in a more informed, data-driven and nuanced manner throughout the electoral cycle and especially ahead of polls.

Who we are

Shikamo Political Advisory and Campaign Services (SPACS) is an Africa-focused consultancy firm that provides bespoke solutions to enhance political parties’ chances of securing or retaining political office. Our political advisory, electoral campaigns and crisis management services are informed by our respect for democratic values and good governance principles that anchor the fundamental rights of citizens to elect representatives of their choice. Shikamo specializes in advising and training candidates and political parties in running and managing campaigns to enhance chances of electoral victory. The team prides itself in over 40 years combined political campaign experience in Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Leveraging our continent-wide networks within various governments and political parties, Shikamo also provides advisory services tailored for corporate entities seeking investment opportunities on the continent. Drawing on the expertise of our team, Shikamo provides corporate clients with nuanced and data-driven insights on the investment terrain of the respective African countries, particularly with regard to risk assessment and mitigation. Shikamo helps its clients to understand, anticipate and navigate the context-specific legislative, policy and political environments obtaining in Africa at the national, regional and continental levels.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip African political parties to run well-designed election campaigns that deploy effective messaging; leveraging data-driven insights on voter attitudes and using campaign techniques premised on effective field and voter engagement strategies. We believe well-designed election campaigns foreground the wishes and desires of potential voters and empower political parties to connect, engage with and satisfy the electorate prior to, during and beyond elections.